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Hull and East Riding

Astronomical Society

The committee for 2022/23:




Data Protection Officer

Web Editor   


Founder, 1953

Past Presidents:


Post vacant

Helen Marshall

Brian Davies

Brian Davies

Brian Davies

Lynn Magee

Gerry Wilks

Lee Cooper

Rob Kingdom

Dr Nandakumar Pisharam

Dr. Michael Martin-Smith  (vice president)

In memoriam:Nichalai Swetez  (lifetime member) click here

In memoriam: George King  (lifetime member) click here

In memoriam: Tony Scaife  (lifetime member) click here

In memoriam: Ray Taylor  (lifetime member) click here

W. Cameron Walker MSc PhD FRIC

…and President 1953-61 and 1971-72

1961-62        D. Forrester

1962-65        I.J. O’Dell MA

1965-68        S. Wrighton FRAS TEng AMRAeS

1968-71        H.R. Watson BSc PhD ARIC

1971-72        W. Cameron Walker MSc PhD FRIC

1972-75        D.H. Newton MRPharms BPhars

1975-81        G.A Steigman BSc PhD

1981-84        S. Brock BSc

1984-87        J.I. Booth MRPharms BA

1987-96        G.A Steigman BSc PhD

1996-2003    A.G. Scaife

2003-2006    R.C. Overfield

2006-2008    S.E. Long

2008-2010    P. Reed

2010-2019    Dr. M. Martin-Smith

2019 on        Post vacant.