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Hull and East Riding

Astronomical Society

Next Meeting - Monday 12th February 2018

The speaker will be Rod Hine MA (Cantab) MIEE MBCS. His lecture is entitled “Exploring Mars”

It will be held at 7.30 pm at our usual venue, the Hull and East Riding Sports Club, Chanterlands Avenue North, Hull  HU5 4ED.

Fireballs over the UK - January 2018

Two reports by member Ray Taylor:

First: “Two Nemetode.org members (myself and Jim in Essex) managed to capture this, albeit just the early stages as it came in on a WNW trajectory over the North Sea.

UFO Orbit suggests a sporadic, with an absolute magnitude of -4.0 however given that the imagery does not include the later stages as it passed over the northern part of mainland Britain (which may have been brighter) this may be an under-estimate.

The Tisserand parameter is 2.59 suggesting that this object originated from a Jupiter Family Comet.

Second: January 7th fireball…absolute magnitude  -3.3.  Shower association remains the same. As per the attached, the unified radiant is at RA 129.1, DEC -8.2. Time: 20180107_051735 Skirlaugh NE and SE

An “Alpha Hydrid”.  Going out over Cleethorpes and across the North Sea.

I have attached the images which may be of interest to HERAS members”  [ Ed: the four images for each event are in the picture gallery, under Ray Taylor ]

Christmas Meal - Friday January 19th 2018

The annual post Christmas dinner will be held on Friday 19th January 2018, 7.30 pm for 8 pm.   As last year, the venue will be: The British Aerospace Social club, Prescott Avenue, off Skillings Lane, Brough.  HU15 1BB

The menu is:


Starters:           Home made Leek and Potato soup and bread roll

OR    Pate Salad Garnish and French Toast

OR    Prawn Cocktail


Main courses:    Gammon with egg or pineapple and chips and peas

OR    Home made steak and ale pie with chips and peas

OR    Pork, stuffing mash and veg and gravy


Desserts:            Home made raspberry trifle

OR    Jam roly poly and custard

OR    Chocolate Gateau and cream


And…..              Tea or Coffee and mints


COST:  £15.00 each

Would anyone wishing to attend please let either Helen Marshall or George King know. (Helen is  at: astroweather@marshall12.karoo.co.uk, and George - Chairman of BLAS - has email: brough.astronomy@gmail.com )

Special Request

HERAS Mailing List for block emails:

Would any members wishing to be added to the mailing list please send Helen Marshall their details at: astroweather@marshall12.karoo.co.uk

Would any members who are already on the list but have changed their details recently please let me know.

Available NOW…. Our new Gallery page!

By popular request, we have added a gallery page to our website, to showcase images taken by members of the society. If you want to have your own section send an email to Brian Davies and they will be incorporated soon afterwards.

Recent Events

Chris Lintott Speaking in Hull,  Monday 3rd July 2017


“Galaxy Zoo: From Penguins to Peas”

Prof. Chris Lintott (of the BBC programme “Sky at Night”) gave a highly entertaining and informative (and free!) public lecture at the University of Hull on Monday 3rd July.

An Astronaut Speaking in Hull - Weds 1st March 2017

Wilberforce College hosted a splendid a presentation by Michael Foale.

Born in Louth, Lincolnshire, Michael spoke about his many great adventures and achievements in space including a life of exploration.  This visit offered a unique insight into the drive and ambition behind his extraordinary life.

Some of Michael’s  many accomplishments:

    375 days in orbit

    6 trips into space on shuttle and Soyuz missions

    Serviced the Hubble telescope

    International Space Station Commander

    Helped rescue the Mir space station when it was damaged

A fascinating evening!

2016’s Transit of Mercury

The transit of Mercury on May 9th 2016 was the main feature of the open day (and night!) at the newly refurbished and expanded observatory of our sister society, BLAS (Brough Astronomy.)  Around 50 or more people attended through the day, and eight telescopes were operating outside, plus there was a large live projected view inside the observatory - which has wheelchair access. There are pictures on the BLAS website… see the ‘links’ page!


Balloon Launch - Monday 3rd July 2017

There was a High Altitude balloon mission to the  ‘edge of space’ - 30 km altitude - on July 3rd 2017. Many Hull schools and other interests were involved, and we at HERAS were named and welcome participants.

There was a pre-launch interview/photos etc by our President, Dr. Michael Martin-Smith with Chris Arundel, Radio Humberside discussing this “pattie and chips” mission – the cargo chosen by the school pupils to represent Hull! Michael attended the launch.