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Hull and East Riding

Astronomical Society

Next Meeting - Monday 11th September (New season)

The next meeting of the Hull and East Riding Astronomical Society is a lecture by Dr Marco Pignatari (University of Hull) Subject tbc….

It will be held at 7.30 pm at our usual venue, the Hull and East Riding Sports Club, Chanterlands Avenue North, Hull  HU5 4ED.

Chris Lintott - Speaking in Hull,  Monday 3rd July


“Galaxy Zoo: From Penguins to Peas”

Prof. Chris Lintott (of Sky at Night) will be giving a free public lecture at the University of Hull on Monday 3rd July 2017 at 7 pm.

Tickets are free but are on a first come first served basis.  To book, please click onto the following website:



The lecture will be held in the Middleton Hall at the University of Hull.

Balloon Launch - Monday 3rd July

There will be a High Altitude balloon mission to the  ‘edge of space’ - 30 km altitude - on July 3rd. Many Hull schools and other interests are involved, and we at HERAS are named and welcome participants.

Meeting at 7 am July 3rd (Monday) at

9 Dixon Road 


Sheffield   S6 4FY


…home of alex.keen@sentintospace.com   see   www.sentintospace.com

for escort to the launch site off Worrall Rd Sheffield S35 0AG

There will be a pre-launch interview/photos etc by our President, Dr. Michael Martin-Smith with Chris Arundel, Radio Humberside discussing this “pattie and chips” mission – the cargo chosen by the school pupils to represent Hull! Michael will be attending the launch, which is expected at around  9 am 

The landing is expected 1-2 hours later “somewhere in Lincolnshire” ( if the balloon is not blown to Norway!)  We will be directed to the pick-up meeting site if applicable

Coming Later This Year….

By popular request, this year we will be adding a gallery page to our website, to showcase images taken by members of the society. If you want to have your own section send an email to Brian Davies and they will be incorporated when it is launched. [Update: I have images from 9 members so far, as of May 6th]

Recent Events

An Astronaut Speaking in Hull - Weds 1st March….

Wilberforce College hosted a splendid a presentation by Michael Foale.

Born in Louth, Lincolnshire, Michael spoke about his many great adventures and achievements in space including a life of exploration.  This visit offered a unique insight into the drive and ambition behind his extraordinary life.

Some of Michael’s  many accomplishments:

    375 days in orbit

    6 trips into space on shuttle and Soyuz missions

    Serviced the Hubble telescope

    International Space Station Commander

    Helped rescue the Mir space station when it was damaged

A fascinating evening!

Last Year’s Transit of Mercury

The transit of Mercury on May 9th 2016 was the main feature of the open day (and night!) at the newly refurbished and expanded observatory of our sister society, BLAS (Brough Astronomy.)  Around 50 or more people attended through the day, and eight telescopes were operating outside, plus there was a large live projected view inside the observatory - which has wheelchair access. There are pictures on the BLAS website… see the ‘links’ page!


Christmas Meal - Friday January 20th

This years’ Christmas meal, arranged with our sister society Brough Astronomy, took place at the Blackburn Leisure Society, on Prescott Avenue in Brough. The cost was £15. A good time was had by all, and a nice way to meet other members of the two societies - watch out for news of next year’s!